We Are Currently Creating Awareness And Fundraising To End Stigma Surrounding Mental Health.

Our Current Project Is Climbing The Highest Mountains On The 7 Continents Of The World!


The 7 Summits for Mental Health
Completed & Up Coming

ALL expeditions are privately funded by individuals.


Help Us Raise $700,000 Over Two Years

Funds will be donated to CAMH Foundation in direct support of the groundbreaking CAMH Urgent Drop-in Clinic.

ALL donations are eligible for a tax deductible receipt.

CAMH – Urgent Drop In Clinic

CAMH is Canada’s largest mental health and addiction teaching hospital, it is also one of the world’s leading research centres for addiction and mental health.

The new urgent drop in clinic will transform the experience of seeking care after a crisis.

This clinic will lessen repeat emergency care visits by ensuring
continuity of care and availability to anyone regardless of age,
gender or diagnosis.

It is not our differences that divide us.

It is our inability to recognize, accept,

and celebrate those differences.

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Denali – First Portuguese Women to Summit (Part 2)

We climb from our 14,000 feet camp up to 17,000 feet. I can’t lie… it was hard. The fixed lines were surprisingly the easiest to do, but there were high stretches and really thin walking sections along the ridges.

Denali – First Portuguese Women to Summit (Part 1)

I arrived in Anchorage in the evening and checked into the hotel.

I arrived with a very heavy heart. My mother in law, Bonnie, has been diagnosed as ‘failure to thrive’ and moved to a hospice room for the family to say goodbye. I’m not there. I need to be. I want to be.

Aconcagua, reaching the Summit and more

Today we moved to Camp 2, Nido de Condores, which stands at 5,560 metres. There are mountains all around us, yet it seems we are above them all.

Climbing Aconcagua in Argentina

After the Air Canada fiasco, and those of you that follow me on Instagram know about the ordeal and the inconvenience caused by Air Canada when they only decided to turn around a flight after 3 and a half hours into the flight, all the way back to Toronto – when we were already over the Bahamas. REALLY?!? Getting myself to Penitentes , Argentina, after more than 24 hours delay was not easy, especially when you have a 10 hour flight


Let’s start doing more, together.